The Home Team Have Reasons To ‘Brag’ About Their Latest Single

The Home Team are kick-starting their year with a humble ‘Brag’ via their new single that fits the mold of what they label “heavy pop”.

The new track follows the Seattle quartet’s shimmering ‘Loud’ single which arrived at the end of last year.

Released via Thriller Records, ‘Brag’ arrives with an official music video that displays some of the band’s feel-good, comedic personalities – have a watch below.

Describing how the new track came about and why it revolves around this view of confidence – but not in a braggadocious sense – vocalist Brian Butcher has explained:

“Having a newfound sense of confidence in our art, ‘Brag’ came at a time when we were heavily challenged in the way that we write music, and it’s almost a means of convincing ourselves that we’re still on the right track.

“We know that the only way we’ll ever be able to bring our vision to fruition is to have confidence in it, no matter what the obstacle.

“After countless songs written about doubting myself, I decided to finally write one about trusting myself.

“It has taken way too long to get to this point for me, since every time I ever felt like I wanted to believe in myself, it just felt like I was beginning to be arrogant. 

“That’s the last thing I want to be. So instead, I decided to embrace the idea and write this facetious piece about what it’s like to be in the position that I’m in now with our music. 

“By no means do I think our previous or current works are prolific enough to warrant that level of arrogance, but I did think it’d be fun to pretend! 

“Hopefully the inherent sarcasm translates, since sprinkled throughout the song are little quips related to the ego that I feel like I see musicians carry with them all the time.”

Rock Sound caught up with Brian when The Home Team were on the road last year, to discuss touring with The Used, and the new music plans they had, which now consists of their brand-new single.

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