The Maine Release Music Video For ‘how to exit a room’

Ahead of their highly anticipated self-titled album, The Maine have dropped a video for ‘how to exit a room’.

Image credit: Guadalupe Bustos

The track was one of two singles first released to announce the forthcoming LP, which arrives next week, August 01. 

The black-and-white-shot ‘how to exit a room’ video sees the John O’Callaghan riding on horseback through the desert – have a watch below. 

Sharing his views on the new video, John has said:

“There’s a lot of things you don’t know about me. Me riding a horse fast as hell probably wasn’t on your “The Maine music video” bingo card, but I did just that for our brand new video for “how to exit a room”. 

“I admit, it’s ridiculous, but we’ve always had a vision of this video and we finally brought it to life. From now on when I feel like leaving a party, this is how I’ll leave.”

The latest video also follows a number of cryptic posts the band have posted on social media in recent weeks, which show the evolution of the band and the different stages of each album to date. 

The album’s release date also bears some significance to The Maine’s history: it can be written as 8.1.23, reflecting the number 8123 that they hold so dear.

8123 was the number on the parking garage where the band would get together as childhood friends and as a result has been used in their song’s lyrics, is the title of their own record label, and is also on the band’s own 8123 Festival which they hold biennially.

The band will celebrate the release of next week’s self-titled album with 8123 Day, where they will headline the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver, with support from former tourmates Real Friends and Knuckle Puck.

Have a watch of the band discussing the new record, among other things, when Rock Sound caught up with them at Slam Dunk earlier this year.

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