Twenty One Pilots Release 10 Hours Of Relaxing Remixes

Twenty One Pilots have shared a special holiday treat with fans today (November 23) – 10 hours worth of relaxing remixes to listen to by the fireside.

In a YouTube video entitled ‘Ned’s Cozy Fireplace’, TØP fans can now sit back and chill out to brand new versions of twenty classic tracks from the band’s discography, including ‘Trees’, ‘Jumpsuit’, ‘Tear In My Heart’ and ‘Guns For Hands’. The video is directed by the band’s longtime collaborator Mark C. Eshleman of Real Bear Media.

Check it out below:

As the video’s description says, the playlist encourages you to “join Ned by the fireplace as you stay cozy, study, or host a dinner party alongside a looping setlist of relaxing Twenty One Pilots mixes.”

Here’s a complete list of the tracks included in this new playlist:

‘Christmas Saves The Year’

‘Fall Away’

‘Car Radio’

‘Guns For Hands’


‘Stressed Out’


‘Tear In My Heart’

‘Lane Boy’




‘My Blood’


‘The Hype’

‘Nico And The Niners’

‘Level Of Concern’

‘Shy Away’


‘The Outside’

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