Unpeople Share Details Of Debut EP

Unpeople have announced the forthcoming release of their self-titled debut EP.

Photo: Zak Pinchin

Set for release on April 19 via SharpTone Records, ‘Upeople’ will include previou singles ‘smother’ and brand-new offering ‘waste’.

The new track arrives with its own video, which sees the band perform with fierce aplomb in a makeshift garden – have a watch of the video below.

Commenting on the new single and its politically-charged basis, the band have shared: 

“waste is essentially a ‘government bad’ song in the most apathetic way possible. 

“Feeling completely helpless while watching public services being decimated with zero signs of remorse or self awareness from those in positions of power. 

“There is an element of Brexit inspired self inflicted wounds. People lapping up what was essentially propaganda then complaining when they get what they voted for. 

“I know it’s not my place to say… I’m no expert… but you can’t deny the irreparable damage that has been and will continue to be caused. We’re going to waste it all away.”

See the full ‘Unpeople’ tracklisting below.

1. waste 

2. smother 

3. overthinking 

4. going numb 

5. moon baboon

Unpeople have a number of live shows confirmed for the remainder of the year, all of which can be found below.

6th Apr – Collision Festival, Bedford 

15th-18th May – The Great Escape Festival, Brighton 

10th-13th Jul – 2000Trees Festival, Cheltenham 

26th Jul – Radar Festival, Manchester 

10th Aug – Bloodstock Festival, Derby 

30th-31st Aug – Burn It Down Festival, Torquay

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