Watch: Sleep Token Drummer II Gives First-Ever Interview

Sleep Token’s drummer, known only as II, has given their first ever interview.

It’s not every day we hear from a member of Sleep Token. In fact, this is the very first recorded interview any member of the mysterious band has given.

The hour-long video has come courtesy of online drum-training platform Drumeo, and sees an interview with II interspersed with demonstrations of his drumming technique.

Among the discussion points, II talks through Sleep Token’s biggest influences, his approach to writing his drum parts and the band’s incredible latest album, ‘Take Me Back To Eden’ – which Rock Sound recently ranked number one in our Top 50 Albums of 2023 list

Have a watch of the interview below.

Given Sleep Token’s hugely varied sound, it’s perhaps little surprise to hear the influences behind the band, with II sharing at one point in the interview:

“I’ve always personally taken a lot of inspiration from the UK dance music scene. And listening to various subgenres of drum and bass specifically, allow me to incorporate stylistic traits from those genres into my vocabulary as a drummer.”

“I’m also a big fan of RnB and pop which has worked its way into my playing. I grew up primarily playing metal, so the next obvious step for me was to blend these other styles in amongst heavier playing to add versatility to my drum parts.”

As well as giving ‘Take Me Back To Eden’ top spot in our album ranking this year, Rock Sound also recently gave Sleep Token the 2023 award for Best British Artist, after a truly remarkable year.

Their success over the past 12 months and more culminated in a massive Wembley Arena show the other evening (Sunday, December 17) – in which vocalist Vessel lost his voice, but the crowd rallied round the band to sing with them.

In our review of the show, Rock Sound described: “A band who have had a remarkable rise to the top of the alternative scene, tonight serves as testament to Sleep Token’s striking ability to spark connection through music.”

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