YUNGBLUD, Nova Twins & WILLOW Announced For Radio 1’s Live Lounge Month

Iconic performances from YUNGBLUD, Nova Twins and WILLOW incoming, then.

It’s that time of year again. 

Radio 1’s Live Lounge Month is back, and will be taking place throughout September. 

So that’s some big names playing an original and a special cover version, all live and all lovely. 

And some familiar faces are going to be involved. 

YUNGBLUD will be making a return, following on from his appearance last year where he covered Taylor Swift, and Avril Lavigne:

And who could forget this incredible mash-up:

And if that’s not enough, WILLOW and Nova Twins will be making their debuts as well. 

So keep your eyes out for when they will be appearing, because it’s going to be ace.

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