GUNSHIP On ‘Unicorn’ Album Collaborations | Interview

GUNSHIP talk us through the collaborations on their new album 'Unicorn’, including 'Monster In Paradise’ with Wargasm's Milkie Way, Dave Lombardo and Tyler Bates, ‘Doom Dance’ with Bush's Gavin Rossdale and Carpenter Brut, ‘Empress Of The Damned’ featuring Lights and ‘Tech Noir II’ with Charlie Simpson and John Carpenter.

‘Unicorn’ is out now. Check out the full tracklisting below:

1. Monster in Paradise (Ft. Dave Lombardo, Milkie Way, Tim Cappello & Tyler Bates)

2. Taste Like Venom

3. Empress of the Damned (Ft. Lights)

4. Tech Noir 2 (Ft. Charlie Simpson & John Carpenter)

5. DooM Dance (Ft. Carpenter Brut & Gavin Rossdale)

6. Blood for the Blood God (Ft. HEALTH)

7. Weaponized Love

8. Ghost (Ft. Power Glove)

9. Darkness for Dreams

10. Holographic Heart (Ft. Britta Phillips)

11. Nuclear Date Night

12. Run Like Hell

13. Lost Shadow

14. Postcard from the American Dream

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