Dirt Buyer, ‘Dirt Buyer II’ | Track By Track

Dirt Buyer’s Joe Sutkowski guides us through new album, ‘Dirt Buyer II’, which is out now via Bayonet Records. Describing himself as “an emo kid at heart” and taking inspiration from bands like My Chemical Romance and Muse, this is the follow-up to the band’s 2019 self-titled debut.

Photo: John Griffith

Dirt Buyer Intro II

“This song isn’t necessarily about any one thing as much as it’s a bunch of imagery that I found interesting strung together to create a strange-scape world. It has some of my favorite lyrics from the record.”


“This track is about being full of shit and pretending not to be…”


“An echo chamber of heartbreak and misery before even having the opportunity for your heart to break.”

Gathering Logs

“Generational trauma, excess, hypocrisy, anger, and resentment toward family. Revisiting wires long after they’ve already been untangled.”


“This song is about a time I was meeting with a friend for breakfast before work and had to call an ambulance on a fatal overdose victim. Once all was over, I had to go on with my day as if it was normal.”

Tears My Heart In Two

“Existential heartbreak and screaming into the void, but it just echoes right back at you and smacks you in the face. I recorded vocals for this song outside in the snowy landscape of upstate New York as my own voice echoed across the tree tops and dissipated somewhere I couldn’t see.”


“Circling the drain on intrusive, anxious thoughts and doing your best to curb them when and if you can. It’s about being frozen in a frame of mind and just watching it melt before you.”


“Fuzzy imagery of greenery and somebody in the distance that you can’t really make out. Familiar smells and sounds that no longer bring you comfort.”

Wicked Branches

“It’s about laying yourself out flat to be walked all over, even knowing that it will perpetuate your lack of ability to self-advocate. Apologizing up and down to make it go away.”


“A string of vague imagery that all represents the resentment I felt toward my bedroom during that time.”

Sounds Heard Through The Glass

“Remembering things that people told you who are no longer a part of your life. It’s bittersweet and strange, but you’re moving forward.”

On & On

“Take what you need when you need it and don’t be afraid to make decisions that are necessary for your well-being. We need to take care of ourselves so that we can grow as people and improve our mental health and our lives overall.”

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