Rocket Pengwin On Debut Album ‘Polar Opposites’ | Breakout

Fresh from the release of his debut album, multi-faceted musician Eddie Sears details the boundless creativity and honest self-expression behind his latest project.

You’ve heard the saying, ‘like a fish out of water’, but what about a penguin?

It might not be quite so well-known, but with his latest project – Rocket Pengwin – artist Eddie Sears is looking to change that.

A New Yorker via Milan and London, a penchant for storytelling sparked his move to the Big Apple in 2016, searching for a place where his self-expression would be understood and appreciated.

“I wanted to tell my story in the form of absurdity, so I projected it onto a penguin that moved from Antarctica to New York,” Eddie starts.

“Penguins can’t fly. Nature has given them wings, but they can’t use them to do what so many other birds can. Because of that, they adapt and become very good at swimming. It’s a reminder to do the best you can with what you’re given.”

Raised on The Beatles and inspired by photography, cinema, and illustration, Eddie fell into the early 2000s Warped Tour scene when he first heard Blink-182 and Green Day. Since then, he’s been inexplicably drawn to the raw emotional power of music.

Channelling his emotions and insecurities into Rocket Pengwin – building up a multimedia universe in the process – the project’s debut album, ‘Polar Opposites’, explores what it takes to stand out in a crowd, and whether that’s even truly important.

“A sense of belonging is at the core of our existence. Everyone wants to be accepted, but you need to be yourself. Music, art, and fashion are the biggest way to express who you are and what you stand for,” Eddie nods.

“The penguin moves from Antarctica – which is the least touched-by-mankind place on Earth – to New York, where even the parks are constructed by mankind. Yet, he finds a way to live in that ecosystem and be himself. Sometimes he has to adhere to the rules of society, like when he gets a job delivering pizzas, but over time he learns how to shape the rules of society to fit who he is.”

It may seem a little complex, but the magic of Rocket Pengwin comes in its layers.

If you’re looking for high energy, hook-filled pop-punk tunes with music videos that document the adventures of an adorable penguin mascot, you’ll surely be on board, but if you’re wanting to venture a little deeper – there are plenty of rabbit holes to be explored.

With ambitions of adapting Rocket Pengwin into graphic novels, TV series, and even a production on Broadway, Eddie is ready for whatever the future holds. Leaving no stone unturned as he welcomes new faces into his colony, he’s setting out to prove that – despite our differences – there’s a place for everyone in the world.

“There’s this concept that musicians are extremely cool, but the penguin – like me – is clumsy and a little bit of a mess until you put it in water. That’s where it thrives, and that’s what happens when you put me on a stage,” Eddie smiles.

“I love the idea of rockstars, but that’s just not me! I’m not the coolest in the room, and it’s important to be authentic. Not everyone is the coolest kid on the block, and to be honest – I think that’s pretty beautiful.”

Rocket Pengwin’s debut album ‘Polar Opposites’ is out now.

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