Fit For A King’s Tour Essentials

As they return to the UK for a series of headline shows, Fit For A King frontman Ryan Kirby talks us through the 10 items he cannot hit the road without.


“What band person doesn’t carry their laptop with them? Its for emails, music production, Netflix, and for some people, gaming.” 

Magic Cards

“Tuck and I are super into Magic: The Gathering. It gives us a good hobby to enjoy together that doesn’t involve any technology or screens.”


“I usually bring or buy a book that I have the full intention of reading, but usually don’t end up finishing the book. Maybe this article will be the motivation I need.”

Hair Supplies

“The most annoying thing about having long hair, aside from inhaling it when I take a breath in before a scream, is keeping it looking decent. While I sometimes fail at that, it won’t be due to my lack of effort and quality shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, oil, etc.”

ROG Ally

“It’s a portable handheld gaming PC, similar to a Steam Deck. When there isn’t anyone around to play Magic with, I am on here playing whatever game I’m into at the moment.”

64Audio A12t’s

“These are my amazing in-ear monitors that I use not only for on stage, but also for gaming and listening to music/tv shows.”

Apple AirPod Pros

“Can’t beat the convenience of Airpods. I mainly use them for watching shows or making phone calls.”


“You would be surprised how many times a pen has come in handy. Signing checks, filling out random forms, etc.”


“I haven’t done a good enough job or protecting my hearing over the years, but I purchased some 64audio custom earplugs and I am trying to change that.”


“I have to include the most obvious thing, a phone. For me, its an iPhone 15 Plus. Not that there is anything wrong with Android, but if you don’t have airdrop or iMessage on tour, you are left out of most things, when it comes to phone communication.”

Fit For A King’s European run continues, wrapping up on December 16 in Bristol. Check out the list of dates below:

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