Guilt Trip’s Tour Essentials

Having just played alongside Malevolence on their UK headline dates, Guilt Trip tell us about the 10 items they cannot hit the road without.

An Audio Interface

“We write a lot when out on tour so it’s a must to bring an interface along with a laptop.”

Bin Bags

“When it’s time to clean the back of the van you don’t want to have to use a McDonald’s bag as a bin bag so it’s handy to have a full roll with you at all times.”


“Any painkiller, if you get stuck without them you’re doomed.”

Neck Pillow

“Absolutely nothing worse than waking up in a freezing cold van with a stiff neck!”

Pack Of Cards

“Simple but effective, always handy after a show when you’re hanging out with other bands and having a few drinks.”


“You want full comfort whilst travelling, you don’t have to look cool when you’re in the van anyway. Just active sport mode when you stop at the services.”


“For anyone that doesn’t know… get to know! A small portable coffee press you can take everywhere. For people that hate below par coffee.”

Honey & Lemon Glycerin

“My good friend Josh from Monasteries told about me about this. I find it difficult to maintain my voice during long tours so this is liquid gold for me.”


“Rough sleeping and lack of it, focusing on the road, venue lighting etc. all make your eyes sensitive. Lessen the burden on them and protect your eyesight.”

A Good Phone Package

“Make sure your mobile provider has been called to ensure you have data across the world. Nobody wants to hear “can I use your hotspot mate” as soon as you get off the ferry.”

Guilt Trip’s latest album ‘Severance’ is out now.

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