Lil Lotus, ‘nosebleeder’ | Track By Track

Lil Lotus guides us track by track through his sophomore album, ‘nosebleeder’, out now via Epitaph Records.

“This record is basically a metaphor for just being drained by life and everything that comes with it. Sometimes it’s other people, and sometimes, more than often, it’s yourself. I haven’t been very good to myself for a long time, and I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older, but I’m starting to feel it.My experience in life has been living a certain way until I realise I can’t anymore and feel just totally drained, but after that you either rebuild yourself or let it take you.”

blame me for everything

“This song is all about those times in relationships when you’re both pointing the finger, nothing’s getting resolved, and you just accept the blame and the inevitable fact that you knew it would end this way.”

how’s it feel to feel nothing

“I feel like everyone has that one ex they always run back to and that feeling of ‘here we go again’, knowing it’s gonna be the same thing but you just fall right back into it.”


“This one’s about being in a relationship with someone you just party with and it’s fun, but you actually have nothing in common other than the fact that you both like to get fucked up. The same goes for friends too, once you sober up you’re just not into it.”

stockholm syndrome

“This track is about losing yourself in someone and ignoring all the bad signs in the beginning that you wouldn’t usually from anyone else.”

what a time to be alive

“This song covers addiction, money, mental health, all things we deal with daily that tend to pass us by until they build up and it all feels too much.”


“Basically, this is a song about betrayal and wanting that person gone for good from your life.”


“Everyone knows misery loves company, but what if they got married? I thought that would be a cool idea so we ran with it.”


“You know when someone’s putting on a believable good front, acting like they’ve got it all and everyone can tell they don’t actually have it all together underneath.”

she’s a vampire

“I thought the vampire idea could be twisted a bit and reimagined as a guy super into this girl with lots of secrets, he’s pretty confused at first but once he finds out she’s a vampire, he’s down.”

halley’s comet

“This song is for anyone that’s ever missed someone more than they’ve missed them.”

play dead

“I imagined a situation where someone isn’t getting the hint and won’t leave you alone and you have to fake your own death to get away from them.”

everything you hate about me

“Lots of times there are people you’ll do so much for and really try your best with, and they just don’t see it and only point out what you do wrong and it’s just a “fuck me“ situation. This song kinda bites back at that.”

when life gives you lemons

“This one was fun, as it’s basically just a sassy partner acting a mess and you’re constantly wondering where they are, if they’re okay, or retracing steps to find all the missing things from the night before.”

shooting star

“This song is about a specific time with a special person I’ll never forget.”

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