LØLØ’s Tour Essentials

Ahead of her run of dates supporting Against The Current in the UK, LØLØ picks the 10 essential items that she cannot hit the road without.


“The floor of a tour bus (specifically a tour bus bathroom) can be a very scary place. Not to mention, waking up in the morning for a 3am pee is usually cold AF. A lovely pair of slippers can fix all of these problems. My current slippers are 2 fuzzy hamburgers, because, why not??”

Peanut Butter

“Good on bananas, on ice cream, on bread, or plain with a spoon. No explanation needed.”

Pillow From Home

“1000 percent needed if you’re riding in a sprinter van, to lean against the window and have a nice nap. 90 percent needed in a tour bus, in case the bus pillow is flat & uncomfortable (sadly, it normally is).”


“After my set, my vocal coach always wants me to cool down my vocal cords by singing into a straw. TBH, I forget exactly what this does, but I know she’s always right. She always says— ‘I don’t care If you’re straw singing into water, or vodka after the show, just make sure to straw into something’.”

Stuffed Animal

“My little stuffed sloth named Dangler. Perfect for cuddling when you can’t fall asleep. Dangler has been to more cities and countries than most humans. At this point, leaving him at home would be bad luck.”

Vocal Vape

“It’s like a real vape, except you’re just inhaling baby saline solution. It’s supposed to make your vocal cords feel all lovely & moist. I don’t vape in real life – so to this day, I don’t know if I’m doing it right or inhaling anything… But I bring it anyways lol.”


“For when you need some ‘alone time’ when real alone time is simply impossible. Living on a bus with 12-14 people can get very overwhelming, especially if you’re any bit introverted like me. TBH, sometimes I just put them in my ears and listen to silence if I need a break from people talking to me.”

Hair Straightener

“Most people don’t know that my real hair is an unruly disaster. My hair straightener helps to tame it when things get too crazy.”

100 Hair Scrunchies

“I don’t know how & I don’t know why…but the bus will literally eat hair scrunchies. It is absolutely essential to bring at least 100 so I’m left with at least 3 by the end of the tour.”

My Band/Crew

“Otherwise known as my professional babysitters. Their responsibilities range from walking with me to the nearest Starbucks or McDonald’s when I desperately need it, to making sure I don’t die, to rocking the f*ck out with me on stage <3 Not sure what I’d do without them (probably accidentally die).”

Catch LØLØ on tour with Against The Current at the UK dates below:


29 – NOTTINGHAM Rock City


01 – LONDON Kentish Town Forum
02 – BIRMINGHAM Institute
05 – BELFAST Limelight
06 – DUBLIN Academy

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