No Trigger’s Tour Essentials

Ahead of their upcoming UK tour dates, No Trigger's Teach (Tom Rheault) talks us through 10 items he cannot hit the road without.

Photo: Meredith Goldberg


“Some people say this is overkill but when I go on tour I like to bring clothes.  Pants, shirts, underwear, maybe a light jacket. That kind of thing. I find it’s a good thing to have, especially when crossing borders and getting coffee.”


No Trigger is part of the 1% of all touring punk bands in that we actually have some money. Not from being in No Trigger, that would be insane, but from ya know, jobs and shit.  We need to bring our own money because we don’t make any as a band. Don’t rob us though, we only use crypto and we travel with improvised weapons.”


“My go-to “luxury” item that I bring on every tour are my wool-lined LL Bean slippers.  Yeah, the ones you would wear running downstairs to open up presents on Christmas morning.  Those kind.  But man, putting those bad boys on in the squat or at the hotel or in the van makes me feel like I’m right back at home and not a lost, old man looking for meaning in the hobby he started doing consistently since 1999.”


“Yer in a band so ya gotta look cool, man!  Plus sometimes it’s sunny out.”

Photo: Patrick Houdek


“The two drugs we can’t leave home without any more are weed and acid. Can you sneak them into any country on the planet?  You betcha. How do we know?  Can’t really say.”

Little Coin Purse

“All these European countries love to make $1 and $2 coins in their cute little currencies. Those motherfuckers add up! They ain’t quarters! Bringing one of those little plastic/rubber coin purse thingies to hold all your GELD and QUID really comes in handy.”

A Drummer

“I cannot stress this enough but: Bring. Your. Drummer. It gets really confusing trying to play all of your songs without drums, not to mention the stage looks sort of empty and sad with just guitars up there. Who are we, the Eagles? I know you probably want to leave him/her at home but trust us…they’re important. Bring your drummer.”

Tums/Gold Bond

“Oh baby, the two most important things to pop into your touring backpack are Tums and Gold Bond. All of those 2am döner kababs and 8am vegan McDonalds sausages are gonna catch up with your weak-ass stomach in no time. Better have a bottle of Tums on ya to set it all straight. And even more important is Gold Bond, or Dick Dust as no one calls it. All of that van-sitting and show-playing will get your crotch and asshole in a bind quicker than you can say “Holy shit, I’m so glad I’m not in America right now.” Put a bit in the palm of your hand and reach under your legs and do a few pat-pat-pats in an upward motion. Crisis averted.”

Gaff Tape

“Gaff tape is touring duct tape. Gaff works just as well as duct tape, but it isn’t as sticky and doesn’t leave a trail of white shit on everything you put it on.  We have like 4 rolls on us at all times. From taping set lists to fixing mic cords to covering your bassist’s entire face, you can’t have enough gaff!”

A Good Attitude

“Last but not least, the most important thing to bring on tour is a good attitude. You are on fucking tour, for Christ sake. It’s the DREAM! Repress all of your at-home depression and suicidal thoughts and have a good time, dude. Punk is basically dead and the world is gonna end in like 5 years, maybe way sooner than that, so live it up! Check your attitude at the gate at Logan, eat a potent edible, and land on the other side of the world with a stress-free mindset. Get into the zooone, bro!”

Catch No Trigger on the road at the below UK and European dates:

08/6 UK, Portsmouth @ Edge Of The Wedge w/ Sam Russo

09/6 UK, London @ New Cross Inn w/ Sam Russo

10/6 UK, Manchester @ The Star and Garter w/ Sam Russo

11/6 UK, Leeds @ BOOM w/ Sam Russo

13/6 BE, Mechelen @ De Club w/ Mobina Galore, For I Am

14/6 NL, Den Bosch @ Willem Twee w/ Two And A Half Girl

15/6 DE, Düsseldorf @ Pitcher

16/6 DE, Stuttgart @ Juha West w/ Snackwolf

17/6 CH, Zurich @ Obenuse Fest w/ The Bronx, many more

18/6 IT, Piacenza @ Sosteria (Low L Fest) w/ Edward in Venice

19/6 DE, Munich @ Backstage w/ Überyou, Timeshares, Captain Asshole

20/6 AT, Vienna @ Chelsea w/ Überyou, MakeWar

21/6 DE, Zwiesel @ Jugendcafe Zwiesel w/ Überyou, MakeWar

22/6 DE, Berlin @ Badehaus Berlin w/ Überyou, CF98

23/6 DE, Dortmund @ Youth Brigade Festival (im FZW) w/ Überyou, many more

24/6 DE, Hamburg @ BOOZE CRUISE – Festival w/ The Menzingers, many more

25/6 DE, Münster @ Drei:Klang Café w/ Chaser

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