Atena’s Favourite Norwegian Bands | New Discoveries

Atena’s Vebjørn Iversen selects some of the Norwegian artists that have most inspired the band over the years.

Photo Credit: Anine Desire

“There are a lot of great Norwegian bands. Sadly all the bands that I love and inspired me to write music are long gone. I would like to shed a light on the great music they put out and what I listened to in my earlier years while failing school and being up to no good.”

Benea Reach

“Benea Reach holds a special place in my heart musically. They showed me as a young teenager That you actually could play this sort of music in Norway and motivated me to write music and play in a band.”


“Insense were a powerful madhouse that had such an intense live-performance. Remember I got slam dunked by a giant in their mosh pit that now happens to sing in my band.”


“Lukestar is a one of a kind-band that sounds like no other. Love the way the mixed Indie, falsettos and had this sort of nostalgic feel to it.”

Rumble In Rhodos

“I remember finding their album in a music-store randomly just because their cover were so astonishingly beautiful. I were also pleasantly surprised over how good it sounded and played that record on repeat for the whole summer.”

Jr Ewing

“I always wanted to play in JR Ewing if I ever got the chance. They have everything: Energy, hard hitting riffs, awesome choruses and an awesome swagger.”


“Me and Ulrik listened a lot to Betablok and watched their live videos on YouTube in awe. It was so cool to find a band from the northern part of Norway and feeling how their culture added to the heaviness of their riffs.”


“Now this is a great band to party to. That’s all I have to say. Try it out, thank me later.”

Atena’s new album ‘Subway Anthem’ is out now via Indie Recordings.

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