Weathers’ Tour Essentials

Fresh from the release of new album ‘Are We Having Fun?’, Weathers' frontman Cameron Boyer chooses the ten items he simply cannot hit the road without.

Some Sort Of Gaming Console

“I always like to bring my PlayStation. Gotta have video games.” 

Pillow & Blanket

“I consider these to be 1 item.”

My Glasses

Because I’m blind.

AirPods Or Headphones

“Gotta drown out the noise you know?”

Hair Dryer

“Can’t trust every hotel will have one and in a pinch when it’s a bad hair day, it’s an easy fix to start over in the venue.”

My Doc Martens

“I would be devastated if I forgot my docs. They are a part of me.”

Leather Biker Jacket

“Always… Always. Every tour. Gotta bring one.”

A Book

“Brennen’s choice.” (Brennen Bates, bass player)

Medicine In Case We Get Sick

“Also vitamin c stuff to keep up the immune system.”

Something To Throw Around

“Like when we’re stopped at a gas station for example. Like a football/frisbee/baseball.”

Weathers’ ‘Are We Having Fun?’ is out now via Sumerian Records.

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