Of Mice & Men, ‘Tether’ | Track By Track

Of Mice & Men’s Aaron Pauley guides us track by track through the making of the band’s latest album ‘Tether’, out now via SharpTone Records.

Of Mice and Men


“‘Integration’ is a song about self reflection and the desire to change, grow and improve, and how it’s absolutely a struggle to do so. I hope it can be relatable to anyone who’s going through the same thing.”

War Paint

“‘Warpaint’ is about something that you struggle with, personified as a creature that hunts in the night. For me personally, it’s anxiety, but it’s not explicitly about that, lyrically, so the “it” in the song can represent anything to the listener. I hope the listener feels empowered to face whatever they’re dealing with; whatever the “it” represents to them.”


“The song is about struggling with anxiety and an overactive mind at nighttime. I struggle with insomnia because I can’t turn my brain off some nights. A lot of our fans express dealing with the same issues, so it’s about establishing connections with people through that shared experience as well. I want the listener, and others who experience this or something similar, to know that they’re not alone.”

Eternal Pessimist

“This song is about the act of catastrophizing, and how doing that shapes your reality. I’m guilty of being a pessimist and catastrophizing often, and I often wonder why some don’t seem to see things the same way. Perspective is hugely important in defining your reality, and sometimes you just need to vent to adjust your perspective. I hope the listener can blow off a little steam to this song.”


“The song is about questioning why the sky would choose to be blue if it had the choice to be anything else—blue also meaning sad. It’s about comforting a loved one in a time of loss by telling them you feel blue too. I hope it allows the listener a few minutes in a euphoric auditory setting to ponder those things too.”


“The song is about courting destructive behaviours, personified as a person. It’s about wilfully giving yourself to a substance, or behaviour, or mindset that you know to be destructive. I hope the listener can put themselves in the shoes of the narrator, and that the emotion and desperation comes across.”


“Some people close themselves off to the world when they’re struggling, and it’s often hard to see that from a distance and feel powerless to help those you love who do so. This song is about what you would say if you could reach them. Some days, we all need rescuing, so if you’re struggling, reach out for help. I hope it encourages the listener to seek connection instead of solitude. As human beings, it’s necessary for us to thrive.”


“‘Tether’ is about the realization that you can provide shelter from the storms of life for the people you love, but you’ll never be able to actually stop the storms of life from happening, just as you can’t stop winter coming. It’s about wanting to be a rock for your loved ones, and letting them know that. It’s often a lonely feeling, feeling powerless to help those who are weathering unfair and unjust loss and hardships. I hope it encourages anyone who’s going through something similar.”

Into The Sun

“Losing a loved one often feels like you’re either stuck, or moving backwards, or like the song says, “walking into the sun.” This song is about the realization that everyday you live takes you farther from the day you were last together, and it’s a heavy weight on our hearts to be aware of that. I hope it brings little comfort in knowing it’s a valid thing to be experiencing.”


“This is a song about letting a significant other, or more generally any loved one, know that you’re ready and willing to go through the more scary parts of life with them, even though fear and doubt would make it easier to try and avoid those moments instead of embracing them.  I hope the listener feels inspired to face the unknown with amazement and wonder instead of fear and doubt.”

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