Behind The Scenes Of Punk Rock Factory’s ‘Mamma Mia’ Video

A musicals album has been something we’ve talked about for a long time...”

Punk Rock Factory recently dropped a fun new cover of ABBA’s classic ‘Mamma Mia’, taken from the new musical theatre themed album ‘It’s Just a Stage We’re Going Through’ (very solid title).

And of course, they couldn’t go full ABBA without an accompanying music video full of wigs, costumes and iconic poses. The band take us behind the scenes of the shoot as they pay tribute to the pop legends.

“A musicals album has been something we’ve talked about for a long time. Ever since the first Disney album. We’ve also discussed doing an ABBA track on multiple occasions, so with Mamma Mia being a musical, it was the perfect opportunity to do it.”

“We love how the track and ultimately the album came out, and truly feel ‘It’s Just a Stage’ is by far the album we’re most proud of, and we hope our fans will love it as much as we do.”

“We looked at a few tracks from the Mamma Mia musical, but this being the title track, and in our view, the best, we decided to give it the PRF treatment. It’s become one of the clear favourites on the album and definitely one we’re going to play on our upcoming ‘It’s Just A Stage Were Going Through’ tour.”

“We threw some ideas around for the music video but we realised ABBA had already created the perfect music video! So we decided to go all out, and copy it shot for shot, with every small detail added. So we strapped on our size 12 knee high boots, stumbled into Band Studios in Bristol and spent all day laughing our butts off as we copied every action and shot within the video.”

The band will hit the road across the UK this October. Check out the full details and listen to the new album below:

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