AngelMaker Have Covered As Blood Runs Black’s ‘In Dying Days’

One of today’s finest deathcore bands, covering one of the most best deathcore bands of all time. It doesn’t get much better than that.

As Blood Runs Black are as close to deathcore royalty as you can get, and their 2006 album ‘Allegiance’ is the definition of essential.

And AngelMaker are bringing one of their all-time classics crashing into 2022, to remind people of this fact and spread the good word.

That song is ‘In Dying Days’, and the band put in one hell of a performance, perfectly capturing the intensity and energy.

From the stalking riffs to the crushing breakdowns, all the way through to the banshee-esque vocals, it is a celebration of the past and present of the genre.

Here it is:

And here’s the original:

AngelMaker released their new album ‘Sanctum’ earlier this year.

Here’s ‘Vengeance’ that appears on it:

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