Architects Drop Epic New Banger ‘deep fake’

Architects have shared another piece of ‘the classic symptoms of a broken spirit’, and it’s a heavy one.

Architects are well in the swing of dropping bangers from their upcoming new album ‘the classic symptoms of a broken spirit’. 

And ‘deep fake’ is no different. 

The band’s new single is a massive, corrosive, bludgeoning epic, full of sizzling atmosphere and a breakdown that could shatter a tectonic plate. 

It’s made for the biggest stages the world has to offer, and that is where the band are heading at this rate. 

Enough talk, get stuck into it:

Told you. 

‘The classic symptoms of a broken spirit will be dropping on October 21 via Epitaph. 

It will also feature ‘tear gas’:

And ‘when we were young’:

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