As December Falls Share New Track ‘Carousel’

As December Falls have shared another piece of their upcoming album ‘Join The Club’, and it’s more hard-hitting pop-rock greatness.

As December Falls have started 2023 the same way that they finished 2022, and that’s by releasing bangers.

The band have shared a new track called ‘Carousel’ and it further sharpens their hard-hitting pop-rock to a razor point.

A flurry of bellowing riffs and infectious melodies, it’s as infectious as anything the band have produced and perfectly demonstrates why they are such an exciting prospect on the UK scene right now.

Vocalist Bethany Hunter had this to say about the track and what it means to her:

““Have you ever seen two people that are just terrible for each other? You’re standing on the outside powerless to help as they go through the same vicious cycle again and again. Carousel is about the ups and downs of a toxic relationship and falling in love with hating each other just so you can fall in love all over again. You end up in a bad cycle that leaves you feeling dizzy and like you are on a carousel going round and round, but you just can’t see how unhealthy it is for you.”

You better click play:

The track is set to appear on the band’s upcoming album ‘Join The Club’ which will be released this Summer.

It will also feature ‘Mayday’:

And ‘Home’:

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