Bad Omens On New Music Plans: “We Want To Reinvent Ourselves”

Bad Omens frontman Noah Sebastian has opened up about the band’s new music plans.

He spoke with us for our 2023 Rock Sound Awards Issue as Bad Omens picked up the title of Best International Artist.

During the interview, he revealed that plans are already underway for the follow-up to ‘The Death Of Peace Of Mind’ and the new directions they want to push themselves in.

He said “A theme that a lot of people see reoccurring was the dark, industrial, electronic vibe. We’re keeping that and almost honing in on that even more with the Deluxe Edition. But with the fourth album, we want to reinvent ourselves. We don’t want to keep writing or milking the same style or sound that we made with ‘The Death Of Peace Of Mind’. We want to do new stuff. And most of our fans want new stuff. It’s already taking shape in a really cool way. I don’t want to give too much away but we feel very good about it. The creative part is not the issue, it’s just time. We’re so busy touring that it’s going to take a while. But we have everything we need as far as a creative outlet goes and the creative space.”

You can read our full interview with Noah inside the Rock Sound Awards Issue, available to order right here.

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