Static Dress Share Video For ‘Attempt 8’, With ‘Rouge Carpet Disaster (Redux)’ Out Now

Static Dress have released the deluxe issue of their ‘Rouge Carpet Disaster’ album.

Image credit: Olli Appleyard

The new version sees the band expanding on their celebrated debut album with new artwork and four new redux versions of singles, including: ‘Di-sinTer’ (Glitter Redux), ‘Courtney, just relax’ (featuring World Of Pleasure), ‘such.a.shame’ (smoking lounge redux), and ‘Attempt 8’ (featuring Sophie Meiers). 

The latter, blissful track has also arrived with a brand-new video that’s been directed by Static Dress vocalist Olli Appleyard. Have a watch of the dreamy new video below.

‘Rouge Carpet Disaster (Redux)’ was first announced back in May, when the Leeds band also announced they’d signed to Roadrunner Records.

The initial version of the album had been released independently last year, and proved to be something of a watershed moment for Static Dress. 

Produced by Erik Bickerstaffe of Loathe and written by Static Dress, the album blends emo, screamo, metal, pop, electronic and more, and its success led to the band supporting the likes of Bring Me The Horizon and Knocked Loose on the road.

Their impressive live shows in turn led them to win ‘Best Breakthrough Live Artist’ at the Heavy Music Awards 2023.

And now fans can listen to them in a whole new light.

Check out the full ‘Rouge Carpet Disaster (Redux)’ track-listing and album artwork below.



Push rope 

Attempt 8 

Courtney, just relax 

Di-sinTer (ft. King Yosef) 



Lye solution 

Unexplainabletitlesleavingyouwonderingwhy (Welcome In) 


cubicle dialogue 

Courtney, just relax [ft. World Of Pleasure] 

Attempt 8 [ft. Sophie Meiers] 

Di-sinTer (Glitter Redux) 

such.a.shame (smoking lounge redux)

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