Beartooth Enlist HARDY As First Ever Guest Vocalist For ‘The Better Me’

Beartooth have enlisted country singer HARDY as their first-ever guest vocalist collaborator, on new single ‘The Better Me’.

Despite four studio albums to their name and a fifth on the horizon, remarkably Beartooth have never had a guest vocalist. That is, until now. 

The track is the latest cut from the band’s forthcoming ‘The Surface’ album, which arrives October 13 via Red Bull Records – have a listen via its golf-endorsing video below.

As you can judge from its title, the new track is all about seeking self-improvement, with Caleb Shomo explaining:

“There are times where we feel like there is a way better version of ourselves somewhere deep inside that we need to find and bring back to the forefront of our lives.

“This song is about going through the things that brought me to that conclusion. Simply put, I made a choice to be a better me.”

‘The Better Me’ adds to the release of previous album cuts ‘Riptide’, ‘Sunshine’, ‘Might Love Myself’ and ‘Doubt Me’.

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