Better Lovers Share New Single And Video ‘The Flowering’

Better Lovers have released their first track of the year, ‘The Flowering’.

The new single arrives ahead of the band’s eagerly-awaited return to the road this year.

They’ve already played their new single a number of times at live shows, but it will likely be embraced even more given it’s out now with a memorable video.

Have a watch below.

Better Lovers features members from The Dillinger Escape Plan, Every Time I Die and Fit For An Autopsy, and released their debut single ‘30 Under 13’ via SharpTone Records almost a year ago exactly.

Speaking about their latest track, frontman Greg Puciato has shared:

“‘The Flowering’ is a song we’ve been playing live since day one.

“It came from the same batch as the God Made Me An Animal EP, so it’s nice to finally have it recorded and out there. It’s a perfect example of how Jordan, Mitch, Goose, and Will playing together sounds like an absolute freight train. 

“Being able to play this live so many times before recording it really amplified that even more, really deepened the groove of it, the music swings so fucking hard.”

“Not to mention the video is one of my favourite videos I’ve ever been a part of.

“The title and lyrics are an obvious metaphor for realising that we are all more than what we’re conditioned to believe, and acknowledging the collective ‘waking up’ moment that we all seem to be going through right now.”

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