Black Stone Cherry Drop Title Track For ‘Screamin’ At The Sky’

Kentucky rockers Black Stone Cherry have dropped the title track for their upcoming eighth studio album, ‘Screamin’ At The Sky’.

Image credit: Jimmy Fontaine

The new album is set for release on September 29 via Mascot Records.

The band’s last album ‘The Human Condition’ arrived in October 2020 and bagged their sixth consecutive Number 1 debut on the UK Rock Albums chart.

Today’s release from the forthcoming albums follows previous singles ‘Out of Pocket’ and ‘Nervous’. 

Have a listen to ‘Screamin’ At The Sky’ via its brand-new lyric video below.

Black Stone Cherry frontman and guitarist Chris Robertson has said of the new album’s opening song ‘Out Of Pocket’:

“Much like most BSC songs, the music was written first and it set the tempo. We envisioned standing around a bonfire and just letting go of everything, throwing your problems into the cosmos and letting them be what they are. 

“It starts the album off exactly how we wanted, right off the bat, in your face.”

‘Screamin’ At The Sky’ tracklisting and album artwork below.

  1. Out Of Pocket
  2. Screamin’ At The Sky
  3. Nervous
  4. When The Pain Comes
  5. Show Me What It Feels Like
  6. R.O.A.R
  7. Smile, World
  8. The Mess You Made
  9. Who Are You Today?
  10.  Not Afraid
  11.  Here’s To The Hopeless
  12.  You Can Have It All 

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