Tom DeLonge Collaborates With Fender To Release Limited Edition Stratocaster Guitar

Tom DeLonge has teamed up with Fender to launch a limited edition Stratocaster guitar and accessories collection.

Image credit: Fender

The announcement arrives just as Blink-182 have wrapped-up their recent US reunion arena tour, which was the most successful in the band’s history to date

The new Stratocaster® was reportedly rushed into production due to huge fan demand, and also arrives with a number of other accessories including cables, straps and picks inspired by DeLonge’s existing ‘To The Stars’ brand.

DeLonge has given a full explainer and shown off the new product in an interview with Fender, which you can watch below.

Discussing the new collaboration with Fender, and the release of a signature Stratocaster, DeLonge has said:

“I try to write music that is accessible and easy to play and enjoy, so that people can come along for the ride. This simplicity really inspired this new signature Stratocaster.”

“It just has one knob and one pickup, which just makes it easy to turn it up, play and sound great, especially important when you’re in front of a crowd and already have plenty to think about. 

“On top of that, the bright colours give it a timeless, California feel that stands out on any stage. Together with Fender, a brand that is deeply rooted in my musical identity, we’ve created something that really stands the test of time – like I strive to do with my music.”

As well as the new DeLonge Stratocaster, Fender also recently teamed up with My Chemical Romances’ Mikey Way to release a new Jazz Bass guitar.

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