Noahfinnce Drops New Single ‘I Know Better’

Noahfinnce has shared new, synth-heavy track ‘I Know Better’.

The new tune’s sound and energy embodies some of the momentum the singer-songwriter and YouTuber is currently riding, coming off the back of a US tour and ahead of his Slam Dunk slot this weekend.

Have a listen to the new track below.

‘I Know Better’ marks the artist’s first solo release since ‘LALALA’ toward the end of last year.

Explaining the meaning of the track, Noahfinnce (whose real name is Noah Adams), has described the feelings of angst that inspired it, saying:

“I Know Better is about feeling yourself falling into unhealthy coping mechanisms and heading towards a breakdown but not having the motivation to stop yourself. 

“I wrote the first half of the song when I could feel my mental health getting worse and worse and I finished the song after the inevitable breakdown. 

“It was interesting to finish the song with a new perspective and see how self-aware but also self-destructive I was being. It was a very unique experience trying to get back into the headspace of anticipating a breakdown when you’ve only just managed to get out of it. 

“I’d definitely say this song is a slight sneak peak of what’s to come. The song has the same angst and sarcasm as my old stuff but with a darker sound.”

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