Boys Like Girls Drop Bouncy Pop Banger ‘Language’

Boys Like Girls have followed up recent single ‘Blood & Sugar’ with another catchy pop-rock banger.

Photo: Matty Vogel

Watch the lyric video for new single ‘Language’ below:

On the themes of the song itself, frontman Martin Johnson says “According to Google, there are around 6,500 languages in the world. I took French, Spanish, and Latin in school, but can barely get through asking where the toilet is in Montreal or Mexico City. I guess I’m a one trick American pony, and there are even some versions of English I barely understand. They say the two universal languages are mathematics and music. I suck at math, but I can tell you, having played some decent-sized shows in non-English speaking territories, that the latter is true for sure.

“Through those travels, I’ve also learned that it’s the silent languages that say the most” he continues.“Body language, love languages, the language of the spirit, and other nonverbal communications can be the deepest connections we have as humans. With the language of attraction, there tends to be a moment where you both figure it out. You know. You feel safe, you feel seen, you feel excited. You pray you’re not crazy. A little touch, okay, you’re not crazy.”

The band will hit the road for a US tour later this year featuring support from State Champs who recently revealed to us that they have been collaborating with the band on some new music.

Watch our interview with Boys Like Girls recorded at the epic When We Were Young Festival last year:

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