Corey Taylor Releases New Single ‘Talk Sick’

Corey Taylor has shared ‘Talk Sick’, the latest single from his forthcoming album.

Image credit: Pamela Littky

The third single ahead of the ‘CMF2’ record – which arrives September 15 – ‘Talk Sick’ follows the release of ‘Beyond’ and ‘Post Traumatic Blues’.

Have a listen to the rip-roaring new track via its lyric video below.

Explaining part of the song’s recording process and meaning, Corey has said:

“That sick guitar at the beginning, I played that through a speaker about the size of a coffee cup. It made it sound violent; you feel like you’re being stung by bees who are playing along to the Sex Pistols. 

“There’s an element of spiritual regurgitation, trying to purge yourself of demons that have been clinging to you because of prior relationships – romantic or otherwise. 

“You realise those people bring a certain asshole side out of you that you don’t necessarily want in your life. It’s about trying to lance that boil and get that sickness out of you.”

Corey recently hit the headlines when he joined Tom Kenny, the voice behind SpongeBob in the series, for a surprising rendition of the Nickelodeon show’s theme tune

For Maggots fans, too, he also shared details about Slipknot’s long-awaited ‘Look Outside Your Window’ album – which he’s said might finally arrive next year after a decade-and-a-half in the vaults.

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