Boys Like Girls Explore ‘New Love’ On Their Latest Single

Boys Like Girls have shared ‘New Love’ – the latest cut from their first full-length LP in more than a decade.

Boys Like Girls

‘Sunday At Foxwoods’ is set to arrive October 20 via Fearless Records.

The LP will include previously released tracks ‘Blood And Sugar’, ‘Language’, ‘The Outside’ and ‘Cry’.

Their latest single ‘New Love’ is a shimmering tune that builds in tempo and revolves around the universal theme of love – have a listen below.

The track’s origin story is best explained via the words of frontman Martin Johnson, who’s spoken of living in Los Feliz, California near guitarist Ryland Blackinton; the pair had known each other from previous touring sessions and began writing under the moniker ‘The Night Game’. 

After one day session recording with fellow musician and producer Brandon Paddock, Johnson could hear a track being played by Blackinton next door, before heading over to check it out, further describing of the encounter:

“I didn’t answer but instead started singing the chorus vocal pop outs in a melody reminiscent of a Dire Straits riff. We recorded them in and started scatting the in-between lyrics. The first verse came about five minutes later. 

“What Ryland didn’t know is that I was two or three weeks deep into the relationship with my now-wife and had plenty to talk about. It had been a really, really long time since I had written a love song, maybe five years or so, and frankly, almost every song written for The Night Game had an undertone of darkness, desperation and resentment towards the music industry. 

“I knew I was about to chase her across the country to Nashville and these would be my final days in L.A. and likely the last song I would write on the West Coast for some time. 

“A couple years later at Blackbird Studio in Nashville with the boys, Brandon Paddock, and Dannen Rector, we started to assemble the big crashes and arrangement that you hear today.”

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Boys Like Girls

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Check out the full ‘Sunday At Foxwoods’ tracklisting below.

Sunday At Foxwoods    

The Outside


Blood And Sugar    

New Love    



Monday Morning    



Story Of A Lifetime    

Brooklyn State Of Mind    

Lost In Wonderland

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