Casey Release Crushing New Track ‘Atone’

Casey are kicking off the year with another new track, and it is another special slice of seething post-hardcore.

Casey announced their return late last year with the release of ‘Great Grief’, their first new music in four years.

And they have now added another track to their new repertoire.

That track is ‘Atone’, a song that perfectly demonstrates the other side of the band’s sound and style beautifully and brutally.

It is discordant, destructive and direct in all of the best ways, and grips the heart and squeezes with every hulking second.

Vocalist Tom Weaver had this to say about it:

“‘Atone’ returns to the familiar territory of heartache; but concentrates on the nuances of it rather than the crescendo of disintegration. With age, the collective weight of small unspoken feelings grow heavy, leveraging distance that could be consoled with a conversation – but often isn’t.

Sonically we wanted to position it closer to the raw, impassioned sound that fans often associate with our first record, but also demonstrate a level of maturity and progression that aligns with how the lyrical sentiment has changed over time. Rather than just being angsty and lamenting for the sake of it, we wanted the song to be more considered and refined.”

Here it is:

And here is ‘Great Grief’ to get you all caught up:

Both tracks are going to be pressed onto a special 7′ record courtesy of Hassle Records, set for release on April 28.

You can pre-order it now from right HERE.

The band are set to play a selection of shows starting next week.

The dates look like this:


12 – BRISTOL The Fleece
13 – MANCHESTER Club Academy 
14 – LONDON The Garage
15 – LONDON The Garage London 
18 – OBERHAUSEN Kulttempel
19 – OBERHAUSEN Kulttempel
20 – LEIPZIG Conne Island

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