Charlotte Sands Drops Nostalgic New Single ‘Get Over It’

Charlotte Sands has released her latest single, ‘get over it’ – a ‘90s-tinged alt track which pays homage to the likes of Avril Lavigne and Alanis Morrissette.

The new track is about not wanting to let go of someone you love and preferring to live in the fantasy of a relationship that no longer really exists.

It comes ahead of Charlotte’s long-awaited debut album, ‘Can We Start Over?’, set for release on January 24.

Have a listen to the project’s latest track, which follows the release of previous single ‘Use Me’.

Describing what the song’s about, Charlotte has explained:

“‘get over it’ is a song about the inability to let go of someone even when you know it’s the right thing to do.

“We wrote it about the feeling of being drawn to someone after ending a relationship, almost like this undeniable magnetic pull towards each other, and how easy it is to convince yourself to fall for the deception of those past emotions and previous history. 

“I wanted the song to feel upbeat and happy and reflect the moments where you’re allowing yourself to be delusional about a non-existent relationship with this person. 

“There’s something about letting go of what you’re supposed to do and instead leaning into the chaos of the situation that I felt inspired by and also very much related to.”

The project will arrive after an incredible period for Charlotte, having won at the Heavy Music Awards and played shows with the likes of My Chemical Romance, Yungblud and PVRIS.

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