Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes Team Up With Jamie T On ‘The Drugs’

Frank Carter is back with another stomping piece of modern punk, and he’s roped Jamie T in for added effect.

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes have returned with their first new music since the release of their full-length ‘Sticky’.

And they’ve been joined by a close friend.

That friend is indie icon Jamie T and the music is new track ‘The Drugs’.

It’s a raw, real and relentless 116 seconds of punk-rock poetry that you feel pulsing through your veins instantly.

Frank had this to say about it:

“‘The Drugs’ was written after a few long conversations with some beautiful friends of mine who had been struggling with addiction. Life is a difficult journey, it’s easier with good friends around. Jamie and I had been talking about making music for years and when he asked me to sing on his tune ‘British Hell’ I jumped at the chance.  When I asked him to sing on ‘The Drugs’ he returned the favour in perfect style.”

“Around 2007, when I met Jamie, was a wild time to be a young punk navigating the music industry. One of the things I learned very early was friends were hard to find, but when you found them you had to hold on tight. Jamie has been my friend since we bumped into each other backstage at a gig in Austin, Texas. Gallows had just finished playing a set, I had been punched in the face and he walked in and I just smiled a bloody smile and we’ve been friends ever since.”

And Jamie had this to add:

“Two sides of the same coin, Frank and I.”

Here it is:

And here is ‘British Hell’ that Frank guested on:

We caught up with Frank and Dean at Download this Summer, which you can catch up with below:

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