Halflives Release New Track ‘sorry mom x’

Halflives are back with a new piece of insatiable catchiness, one to which we can all relate.

Halflives are back with an new track, and continue to deal out the relatable and raw pop-rock goodness.

This one is called ‘sorry mom x’ and finds Linda Battilani in an existential mood, apologising for the things that they can’t be.

It’s a feeling that we are all familiar with in some way or another, but it’s important within all of this to own who you are rather than who are not.

Wrapped up in an insanely catchy chorus, it’s a sentiment that lingers long after it has faded away.

Linda had this to say about it:

“The writing of sorry mom was incredibly natural and fast. I started singing on a guitar riff and the lyrics were somehow immediately right. I was particularly inspired by how I was feeling on the moment and it quickly became a stream of consciousness. The whistle you hear at the beginning of the song is actually me!”

Here it is:

It follows on from ‘Dynamite’, which sounds a lot like this:

We caught up with Linda earlier this year, which you can catch up with right here:

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