Hollow Front Are ‘Letting Go’ Of Guitarist Dakota Alvarez On New Single

Hollow Front have re-enlisted former member Dakota Alvarez for a tune that marks his final farewell.

Originally, ‘Letting Go’ was written about the dying days of a romantic relationship, but after ​​guitarist Dakota Alvarez announced his departure earlier this year, the track took on a whole new meaning.

The track is therefore a swansong for Alvarez and a means of the Michigan-based metalcore outfit to part ways doing the thing they love.

Have a listen to the track via its official visualiser below.

Speaking more about the origins and personal depths that went into the track, vocalist Tyler Tat has explained:

“When it was time for me to write my parts, I started to see the song in a new perspective. It became a song about Dakota needing to let go of Hollow Front and go out on his own.” 

“He might have been talking about an ex, when he wrote the lyrics, but when I heard the words ‘We let our guard down / The passion’s gone now,’ I immediately connected with it, only in a different way than he had intended. 

“All the pain of his departure came out. My lyrics became directed towards Dakota. Telling him how I was so sorry about him leaving, sorry that it had become too much for him to handle, because I never thought I’d have to lose him too.”

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