iDKHOW Share Synthy & Satirical New Single ‘GLOOMTOWN BRATS’

iDKHOW have shared latest single ‘GLOOMTOWN BRATS’, taken from the forthcoming new album ‘GLOOM DIVISION’.

Photo: Manic Project

With jerky synths and a ‘Vogue’-esque closing rap section, ‘GLOOMTOWN BRATS’ finds Dallon Weekes channeling a level of social commentary reminiscent of ‘Do It All The Time’.

Check it out below:

Weekes told us about his approach to the lyrical content on the track in our The Album Story digital cover feature earlier this year:

“I grew up without money, as a lot of us do, and one of my favorite quotes growing up, especially when it came to chasing music as a dream and as a career, is by an American baseball player named Yogi Berra. You don’t really know if he even said this, but it got attributed to him – ‘rich boys never make it to the majors’. And I always took that and applied it to the music. I had a guitar from a pawn shop and a second hand amplifier, and every single show that I would play, everything had to be duct taped and super glued together in order to just get through it. In between shows, I was cleaning carpets or doing construction. So if you’re chasing music, it’s not a nine to five, it’s 24/7.”

“There certainly are rich kids who grow up and are aware of what they have and aware of their position and they treat it appropriately. But there’s also people who are totally oblivious to it. And that’s sort of a theme that I’ve written about once or twice. I think if you are in that position, the best thing that you can do is treat it appropriately and help others where you can. Those people do exist in the world, but I tend to write about those that aren’t aware.”

‘GLOOM DIVISION’ is set for release on February 23, 2024.

You can preorder a copy on exclusive, limited edition orange cassette over at SHOP.ROCKSOUND.TV.

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