Jenna McDougall Releases Debut Hevenshe EP

Tonight Alive’s Jenna McDougall has dropped the debut EP from her solo Hevenshe project.

‘Wild Wild Heart’ is comprised of six tracks and includes the previously released singles ‘No One Will Ever Love You’ and ‘The Blessing’.

Plus, you can check out the new music video for the EPs title track below:

On the song itself, Jenna said “‘Wild Wild Heart’ came through in about an hour. I didn’t have an instrument with me, I just sang the entire song into my phone watching a sunset. I’d ended a tour of the States in Tonight Alive with a solo van trip of California. It was a healing and introspective period with a lot of night drives and nature. I was integrating a significant break-up at the time.”

“‘Wild Wild Heart’ is about fate and a fork in the road. I elude to a higher power in the song because I felt powerless to the separation, it was painful but a rite of passage.”

We caught up with Jenna last year to chat through the project’s origins and her future music plans. Watch the full interview below:

Meanwhile, Tonight Alive recently joined the huge lineup of When We Were Young Festival 2024 where they will perform their album ‘The Other Side’ in full.

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