Listen To Waterparks’ New Version Of ‘SELF-SABOTAGE’ Featuring Good Charlotte

Waterparks and Good Charlotte together feels like a wonderful full-circle moment.

After keeping us very well updated on its recordingWaterparks have released their new version of ‘SELF-SABOTAGE’.

And it features Good Charlotte’s Joel and Benji Madden!

So on top of being an incredible existential piece of vibrant pop-rock loveliness, it also now features some perfectly delivered bars from the brothers, taking it to the next level completely. 

It’s also not just a song for Waterparks, as it feels like a full circle moment for the band as fans of GC as much as colleagues and associates.

Here we gooooo:

And in terms of brand new music, there’s a new single called ‘FUCK ABOUT IT’ coming, which features blackbear. You can pre-save it right HERE

And if you can’t wait, the band have been premiered it live:

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