Mothica Announces New Album ‘Kissing Death’ Via Single ‘Doomed’

Alt-pop artist MOTHICA has announced a brand-new album, with ‘KISSING DEATH’ set to land August 23.

Image credit: Paige Strabala

The forthcoming LP will arrive via the singer-songwriter’s own Heavy Heart Records imprint, partnering with Rise Records.

‘KISSING DEATH’ is a visual album that tells an immersive story across 12 tracks and their accompanying music videos which weave into each other.

It’s been announced today by the soaring new single ‘Doomed’ – an immensely personal track  that bravely explores the abuse the artist was subjected to as a young woman at the hands of a Pastor in her hometown of Oklahoma.

Explaining a bit more about this powerful track and the making of its accompanying music video, MOTHICA has explained:

“I think Doomed is a sibling of my song Forever Fifteen. It’s a melancholy ballad and has this shoegaze influence at the end of the song that swells up with intensity. 

“I’ve heard people talk about gifted child syndrome, or about feeling like a disappointment compared to the accolades they were given as a young kid and I didn’t know other people felt the same way.

“I was a smart kid with a bright future, and sometimes I feel like my depression sabotaged some of that light I had. In the second verse, I open up about my experience in my church youth group and my abusive youth pastor. 

“When I was just coming out of middle school, I was awkward and insecure and I hoped church would be a safe place to make friends but I was taking advantage of at my most vulnerable. I wish I could go back and protect myself from some of the things I went through, and it was incredibly therapeutic to recreate my teenage bedroom for the music video. 

“I casted my friend to play a younger version of me, adorned in 2009 emo warped tour era posters, and show this angsty misunderstood girl. 

“I am terrified to put this song out but I showed the ending to my therapist and she teared up so I felt like this was an important song to lead the album with. It feels like a small sliver of my origin story.”

Have a listen to the new track via that music video below.

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