Neck Deep Announce Self-Titled New Album & Release New Single

Neck Deep are officially back with their new self-titled album set to arrive on January 19 on Hopeless Records.

Photo by Nat Wood

Recorded at the band’s own warehouse in North Wales, it includes the previously released singles ‘Heartbreak Of The Century’ and ‘Take Me With You’.

Describing the record as a whole, frontman Ben Barlow said “This album is the sound of us knowing ourselves and knowing our ability. It’s unapologetically us. We’re professional songwriters now and we’ve really honed in on what we’re good at – but it’s also about having fun and enjoying writing these tracks. And there are those little sonic signatures in the mix that even I can’t really put my finger on that just make it Neck Deep. It happens when we get in a room together and it clicks – it’s us just doing our thing like we always have.” 

Have a look at the colourful artwork and full tracklisting below:

1) Dumbstruck Dumbf**k

2) Sort Yourself Out

3) This Is All My Fault

4) We Need More Bricks

5) Heartbreak Of The Century

6) Go Outside!

7) Take Me With You

8) They May Not Mean To (But They Do)

9) It Won’t Be Like This Forever

10) Moody Weirdo

The band have also given fans another taste of the record with latest single ‘It Won’t Be Like This Forever’, with Barlow saying “We wrote the chorus just by chance while working on another song and it ended up being our favourite song on the record. We wrote it the first time we got together after covid, down in Wales. I guess at the time we were thinking that ‘it won’t be like this forever’ (guess we were right) but as time has gone on the world has been presented with a whole slew of other problems and so it’s maintained its relevance.

“You can view it through that lens or you can zoom in and make it more personal, which I ended up doing. Meaning that the tough times don’t always last and having someone to help you through those times is a beautiful part of life and love. It’s a love song, a hope song, and a self-improvement song all in one!”

Check it out below:

The band will celebrate the release with a huge headline show at London’s legendary Alexandra Palace venue on March 28, 2024.

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