Blood Command Drop Punchy New Single ‘Heaven’s Hate’

Norwegian punk band Blood Command have shared new track ‘Heaven’s Hate’.

Image credit: Marcello Riffo

The new single might clock in at a little over a minute, but it certainly makes an impression within that time. 

‘Heaven’s Hate’ is the latest single from the band’s forthcoming ‘World Domination’ album, which is set to arrive September 29.

It follows the likes of previous releases ‘Forever Soldiers Of Esther’ and the Shakespeare-referencing ‘The Plague On Both Your Houses’.

Have a listen via the video below.

Describing the meaning of the new track, the band have shared:

“Heaven’s Hate is a song about leeches of humanity, who will try and suck you dry of your talent. 

“When they finally reveal their true colours and you see through them, you burn them and watch them bow down as you rise above.”

The Norwegian band previously announced a headline UK tour in support of their forthcoming when it arrives at the end of this month.

This will include dates in Bristol, Manchester, Glasgow and more, before concluding at London’s Iconic 100 Club on December 10.

See the full dates below – and visit the band’s site for more information and to buy ticket.

December 01 – Rough Trade, Bristol

December 02 – The Flapper, Birmingham

December 03 – Deaf Institute, Manchester

December 04 – Attic, Glasgow

December 06 – Cluny 2, Newcastle

December 07 – Rough Trade, Nottingham

December 08 – The Mood, Cardiff

December 09 – Joiners, Southampton

December 10 – 100 Club, London

And check out the full ‘World Domination’ track-listing below.

  1. The Band With The Three Stripes
  2. Heaven’s Hate
  3. Valley Of Hinnom
  4. Forever Soldiers Of Esther
  5. Stay Awake
  6. Bare Witness
  7. The Plague On Both Your Houses
  8. …In The Shadow Of Deaf
  9. Welcome To The Next Level Above Human
  10. It’s Not Us, It’s Them
  11. Hate Us Cause They Ain’t Us
  12. Keep My Seat Warm
  13. Burn Again
  14. Decades
  15. Reap What You Sow
  16. Blue North
  17. Holy Unblack
  18. World Domination
  19. Losing Faith
  20. Tetragram

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