Pete Wentz Announces New StingRay Bass

Pete Wentz has teamed up with Sterling by Music Man to produce a new Artist Series StingRay Bass.

Image credit: Matt Winkelmeyer

The Fall Out Boy bassist and lyricist has worked in close collaboration with the brand to create a product that bears the exact specifications for the instrument he’s playing on the band’s worldwide ‘So Much For (Tour) Dust’ headline tour.

The instrument is available now via Sterling by Music Man, who have also teamed up with online gear marketplace to offer an exclusive run of fifty Wentz-signed limited StingRays.

Describing the new product and praising its durability, Wentz has said:

“The [StingRay Bass has the] best tone that we’ve had from a live show to date. 

“For me, a bass has to stand up and be able to play a lot of different songs. 

“On this tour, we’re doing more than 20 songs. These basses come backstage, they go out – I play at front of house or I go out and play near the lawn, and they’ve held up for all that. 

“I treat them well, but I also am who I am on stage and they’ve held up under those circumstances.”

“At the end of the day, I think that punk rock and punk rock music should be accessible.

“I think it’s very cool to be somebody’s potential first bass.”

Image credit: Sterling by Music Man

The StingRay features an Alnico V humbucker, dual controls, and includes black hardware, an anodized gold pickguard, and a custom Loon inlay on the 12th fret.

It’s available in Black or Fiesta Red finishes and retails at $649.99.

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