Red Hot Chili Peppers Drop Trippy New Track ‘Tippa My Tongue’

Red Hot Chili Peppers are going into the space-out side of their funky sound with their new record.

Red Hot Chili Peppers recently revealed that they are going to be releasing their second album of 2022 in the form of ‘Return Of The Dream Canteen’. 

And they have now shared the first taste, and it’s going to be a heady release based on it. 

The track is called ‘Tippa My Tongue’ is very much a homage to the vibrant and colourful world that dipping your toes into substances can reveal to you. 

Musically it is stretchy, funky and spaced out, and full of psychedelic ebbs and flows. 

It’s a trip, to say the least.

Here we go:

‘Return Of The Dream Canteen’ is set to drop on October 14 via Warner Records. 

Until you can get your teeth into more of it, here’s ‘Black Summer’ from ‘Unlimited Love’, which was released earlier this year:

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