Scene Queen & Set It Off Face Off On The Brutal ‘Barbie & Ken’

Scene Queen domination continues, and Set It Off’s Cody Carson is along for the ride.

Scene Queen is back with another uniquely bludgeoning track, and she has invited some friend’s along for the ride. 

It’s Set It Off!

The song in question is ‘Barbie & Ken’, a violent and vibrant take on the iconic relationship between dolls. 

With Scene Queen on one side and Cody on the other, it’s battle to the death, and you’re along for the ride. 

It’s blood-soaked and bold and everything that sets Scene Queen out from the pack.

She had this to say about it:

“This song is the perfect combination of the crazy chaotic hyper-feminine “Bimbocore” sound my music has combined with the high energy and theatrical sound of ‘Cinematics’-era Set It Off. I was so excited to get in a session with Cody in general but the collab that it morphed into was honestly more fun than I could’ve even hoped for.”

Here we go then, strap in:

It follows on from ‘Pink G-String’, which sounds a lot like this:

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