Paramore Cover Talking Heads’ ‘Burning Down The House’

Paramore have marked their return with a cover of Talking Heads’ classic ‘Burning Down The House’.

Last year, A24 released a very special restoration of Talking Heads’ acclaimed 1984 concert film, ‘Stop Making Sense’, to mark its 40th anniversary.

An accompanying album has also been recently announced, teased by a video of Hayley Williams receiving a box containing a Talking Heads tape. 

The Paramore cover of the classic track it briefly contained is now out in full – have a listen below.

Hayley Williams and co.’s version of the track is a largely faithful rendition, albeit with Hayley’s exceptional energy giving added verve.

The cover will sit as the opener to the forthcoming 16-track tribute album.

Its release will come as a relief to some Paramore fans who had feared the band were planning on breaking up in recent months, after all the posts from their social media were removed and a ‘404’ display message appeared on their official website.

They’d also pulled out of ALTer Ego Festival, and were replaced by Fall Out Boy, which added to the speculation.

The news came after the completion of their latest album ‘This Is Why’ – which reached Number 1 in the UK – meant they had fulfilled their label obligations to their label, and instead of fears of their split, they’re now reportedly gearing up towards a new era and record deal.

In the meantime at least, we can revel in their Talking Heads cover.

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