SeeYouSpaceCowboy Announce New Album ‘Coup De Grâce’

Post-hardcore band SeeYouSpaceCowboy have announced their forthcoming album ‘Coup De Grâce’.

Image credit: Errick Easterday

The new record is set to land April 19 via Pure Noise Records and has been heralded by the release of a double music video for singles ‘Respite For A Tragic Tale’, featuring iRis.EXE and ‘Silhouettes in Motion’.

Have a watch below of the two juxtaposed visuals below.

Speaking about the forthcoming album and what it means for the band, SeeYouSpaceCowboy frontwoman Connie Sgarbossa has shared:

“This album was a chance for us to refine some of the melodic elements we had recently introduced to the band while also playing around with all things and bringing back reinvented version of past parts of our identity.

“The hope is that we made something that mixes the innate emotion of post-hardcore with the cathartic essence of dancing and allure of cabaret/burlesque in a package reflecting the tale of a city on fire and it’s all to tragic individuals and their indulgence and woes.”

SeeYouSpaceCowboy are set to hit the road in the US this summer, along with Better Lovers, Foreign Hands and Greyhaven, and are also set to perform at this year’s Sound and Fury Festival in Los Angeles in July. 

‘Coup De Grâce’ was recorded by Matt Squire at Mixwave Studios, and is said to be a graphic novel in musical form; partly narrated by Iris.EXE, it depicts a noir universe whose characters inhabit the world that SeeYouSpaceCowboy devised for them.

See the full ‘Coup De Grâce’ tracklisting and album artwork below – and visit the band’s site for more information on their live dates.

1. Allow Us To Set The Scene

2. Subtle Whispers To Take Your Breath Away

3. And The Two Slipped Into Shadows

4. Red Wine And Discontent

5. Lubricant Like Kerosene (ft. Kim Dracula)

6. Respite For A Tragic Tale (ft. iRis.EXE)

7. Silhouettes In Motion

8. To The Dance Floor For Shelter (ft. Courtney Laplante)

9. Rhythm And Rapture (ft. nothing,nowhere.)

10. Sister With A Gun

11. Chewing The Scenery

12. Curtain Call

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