Shoreline Share Emotive New Single ‘Reviver’

Shoreline have shared their cathartic new single, ‘Reviver’.

Image credit: Frederic Hafner

The track is taken from the band’s upcoming new album, ‘To Figure Out’, which arrives February 23 and will mark their debut on Pure Noise Records.

The album has so far also been preceded by singles ‘Needles’ and ‘Seoul’ – have a listen to the latest track below.

Discussing the emotive new tune and going some way to explain the depth of feeling behind it, Shoreline have shared:

“‘Reviver’ is an honest statement speaking about the tension between hope and hopelessness in the context of the climate crisis. 

“The initial inspiration was sparked by graffiti in the streets of Berlin saying: ‘Resignation is a privilege of those less affected’.

Singer Hansol Seung further added: 

“‘Reviver’ is a letter to a beloved person, who is not resigning and a constant reminder not to be too pessimistic. 

“I think it is very easy to be overwhelmed by what is going on in the world right now. If I had to break the whole song down to one sentence it would be the pre chorus: ‘If this is really the end, I want it with our fists out.’”

Shoreline have been billed as a band that cares and one that is ready to tackle the problems of today’s world.

As a sign of how they take this onboard in their output, the title of their forthcoming album is derived in part from a poem which reads

You can be desperate and hopeful at the same time

You don’t need to have an immediate solution

You have to figure it out

You will figure it out

Check out the ‘To Figure Out’ track-listing below.

Green Paint
Yuppie Kids
Pen Name
Don’t Feed
Loose Contacts
Cold Feet

Shoreline will be touring Europe later this month supporting Spanish Love Songs alongside Heart Attack Man before heading out on their album release tour of Germany in April – see the full dates below.


30.01.24 BEL – Antwerpen – Kavka
31.01.24 GER – Cologne – Gebäude 9
02.02.24 GER – Hamburg – Bahnhof Pauli
03.02.24 GER – Berlin – Badehaus
04.02.24 GER – München – Backstage
06.02.24 AUS – Wien – Arena
08.02.24 CH – Zurich – Exil
09.02.24 GER – Darmstadt – Oetinger Villa
10.02.24 NL – Utrecht – De Helling 


25.04.24 GER – Hannover – Faust
26.04.24 GER – Wiesbaden – Kreativfabrik
27.04.24 GER – Stuttgart – JuHa West
28.04.24 GER – Leipzig – Conne Island
30.04.24 GER – München – Backstage
02.05.24 GER – Osnabrück – Westwerk
03.05.24 GER – Köln – Blue Shell
04.05.24 GER – Hamburg – Molotow Skybar
05.05.24 GER – Berlin – Cassiopeia

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