Skyler Acord Releases Funky New Track ‘Made Of’

Skyler Acord has shared another solo track, and it’s bound to get your foot tapping.

Skyler Acord has released a new solo track, and dived further into his musically vast mind.

This one is called ‘Made Of’ and is a celebration of basslines. Funky as it comes, hazy and undeniably catchy, it is a soulful piece of leftfield experimentation and expression.

It is the sound of an artist having the time of their lives, creating in all the ways that they want to and reaping the benefits of the freedom.

Have a listen to it below:

It follows on from ‘knew it all along’, which sounds like this:

We chatted to Skyler all about his solo journey via Video Call recently, and you can catch up with it below:

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