Mike Shinoda Continues ‘Already Over’ Sessions With Musicians In London

Mike Shinoda has continued his ‘Already Over’ sessions, this time stopping-off in London to create a reimagined version of his single.

The Linkin Park and Fort Minor legend recorded the new version of his guitar-led single at London’s storied Metropolis Studios.

Among the group of musicians he brought together were bassists Ellie Dixon and Charles Berthoud.

As well as behind-the-scenes footage of their process (including plenty of praise from Mike for the assembled group), and a performance of ‘Already Over’, they also found time to jam on Linkin Park favourite ‘Castle Of Glass’.

Explaining the premise of his ‘Already Over’ sessions, which have so far also taken place in Sydney and Los Angeles, a message from Mike reads:

“In making “Already Over,” I wrote and played all the instruments myself. But to play it live, I loved the idea of playing with a range of talented musicians who were all “locals.”

“This is the first and only time we all played together.”

Have a watch of the session below.

In the comments responding to the video, Berthoud said of the session: 

“Thanks so much for having me Mike!! 

“Such an honour to make music with you and find out what a down to earth guy you are!!”

Lead guitarist Paul Davids, meanwhile, added:

“What an honor it has been playing these songs with you Mike! A dream come true really. 

“And amazing to be a part of this group of talented musicians for a day.”

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